Looking to hire a 2D game artist/animator for my next game “Wildfox Surfing Paradise”

About the game

I’m very excited to make the prototype I have been working on in the last few weeks into a fully fledged game.

The game is about a fox that explores a group of peaceful islands on his surfboard. The core gameplay loop is doing tricks on the waves to get money, which can be spend on new equipment/upgrades to open up new parts of the island. It will be a rather small game with a playtime of about 2-3 hours.

See this GIF for a little peek at the surfing physics. It’s really fun paddling/surfing around already 🙂

What I’m looking for

I’m now looking to hire a game artist who wants to collaborate on this. You would be responsible for all of the game’s art. This includes:

  • The game character with quite a lot of animations
  • Some other characters with less complex animations (Shopkeeper, Journalist, fast-travel owl and helpful island residents)
  • Environmental/background art. The game will have 6 regions (“jungle”, “beach”, “snowy mountains”, “volcano”, “factory” and “ocean”)
  • Integrating the art directly into the game to allow for fast/friction-less iteration cycles
  • Ux Stuff like a scoreboard and a starting screen
  • Promotional material for storefronts

I want the game to have bright, colorful and cheerful art and prefer drawn art to pixel art. The emphasis should be on producing clean, simple and functional art assets. I don’t want them to be very detailed, but rather stylised/cartoony.

I think an art style similiar to Spelunky 2 would work very well:.

Vertical Slice

  • To get people to wishlist the game as early as possible, I want to finish a “vertical slice” of the game until January. The goal is to have a single “level” ready until 15.01.2021. This is also important as I want to apply for funding at FFF Bayern in January
  • Potential funding would only be used to expand the scope of the game and hedge financial risk. I’m looking to hire you for the full game in any case, even if I don’t get any funding.
  • I want to focus on the beach region first. So for the vertical slice I need:
    • The fox game character with the following animations:
      • Walking
      • Jumping
      • Surfing
      • Jumping on Surfboard
      • Turning on Surfboard
      • Paddling
      • [Optional] transition animations between paddling/surfing/walking
    • Four symbols for the different tricks
    • A journalist fox giving quests to the player
    • Some dunes to walk on
    • A “wave generator”
    • Background art (Ocean, dunes + volcano in the distance)
    • Art for Steam page
  • See this short video to get a feel for what is needed/how the game will play. Please note that it’s an extremely early version. For example: The water will not be particles, but I will use shaders to make it look more like actual water.

More Details

  • The game is written in the Godot Game Engine
  • It will be released on Steam and itch.io. If it will be successful I will look into collaborating with a publisher to get it onto consoles.
  • I’m located in Augsburg, Germany, so being in a similar timezone would be nice, as I value a close working relationship with frequent communication over Discord/Skype.
  • I want to release the game around late 2021/early 2022.

Please apply or tell your friends

If you’re interested in collaborating please don’t hesitate to write me at niklas.riewald@gmail.com.

Please include a link to your portfolio. I’m especially interested in the games you shipped/worked on. It would also be great if you could already include your hourly rate and when you will be available to work on the game. Alternatively to the hourly rate you can estimate the budget you need for the vertical slice. It’s also helpful for me if you use “Game Artist” as your email’s subject line.

I’d love to send you more info and answer your questions, so feel free to reach out

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