Searching for a Composer/Audio-Designer for my next game “Wildfox Surfing Paradise”

I’m very excited to make the prototype I have been working on in the last few weeks into a fully fledged game.

The game is about a fox that explores a group of peaceful islands on his surfboard. The core gameplay loop is doing tricks on the waves to get money, which can be spend on new equipment/upgrades to open up new parts of the island. I want to minimize financial risk by keeping the scope of the game as small as possible and focus on quality instead of quantity.

See this GIF for a little peek at the surfing physics. It’s really fun paddling/surfing around already 🙂

I’m now looking to hire an Audio-Designer who wants to collaborate on this. You would be responsible for all of the game’s music and some of the sound design. This includes:

  • ~2-3 minutes long music pieces for the 6 different main regions of the game (jungle, beach, snowy mountains, vulcano, factory, ocean). The music should give a cheerful/peaceful vibe.
  • Alternative versions (probably just additional layers) for some of the region songs for when you are currently surfing. Those alternative versions should be more action oriented.
  • It would be great if you could also do some of the audio design. Especially important are the sounds that play after you finish a trick as those have to harmonize well with the game’s music.

Vertical Slice

  • To get people to wishlist the game as early as possible, I want to finish a “vertical slice” of the game until January. The goal would be to have the first song and it’s alternate version ready until 15.01.2021. This is also important as I want to apply for funding at FFF Bayern in January
  • I want to focus on the “beach region” first. I think an acoustic ukulele track with some EDM beat for the surfing segments would be a great fit.
  • See this video for how I imagine the music system to work.

More Details

  • The game is written in the Godot Game Engine
  • It will be released on Steam and If it will be successful I will look into collaborating with a publisher to get it onto consoles.
  • I’m located in Augsburg, Germany, so being in a similar timezone would be nice, as I value a close working relationship with frequent communication over Discord/Skype.
  • I want to release the game around late 2021/early 2022.

Please apply or tell your friends

If you’re interested in collaborating please don’t hesitate to write me at

Please include a link to your portfolio. I’m especially interested in the games you shipped/worked on. It would also be great if you could already include your hourly rate and when you will be available to work on the game. It’s also helpful for me if you use “Sound Design” as your email’s subject line.

I’d love to send you more info and answer your questions, so feel free to reach out

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