I quit my job to make a game about surfing Foxes?!

After almost 7 years working at meteocontrol, I decided to take a little break from regular software development and make one of my long term dreams come true: Developing a surfing game and releasing it on Steam.

I thought about making a game like this ever since I was sixteen and learning to windsurf on Lake Constance. But actual development began only a decade later in the summer of 2020. I soon realized that this was not just an idea that sounded good in my head, but that the game was actually fun to play and also pretty unique. I then teamed up with Nielisson Mendonça and Elliot Stone to also make it look and sound good.

Check out the trailer to see the result of our work:

But there is still a lot left to do. So I decided to take a few months between jobs to finish the game up.

Today I reached a big milestone and published the Steam Store page. You can wishlist the game on there to be notified about its release in June.

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