My current project: Cell Tune

After months of passionate game development I’m excited to give you a first impression on my new game Cell Tune.

Cell Tune is a life simulation game. You design creatures on a microscopic level and let them fight with other organisms. Building your creatures is easy: There are five different cell types that you can combine in any way you want. But designing an organism that can strive is not quite so simple. You have to consider the level layout and many different construction tradeoffs: Little organisms can reproduce very fast, but are also quickly eaten by bigger ones. Aggressive creatures can decimate your enemies, but they are also more likely to digest their own children by accident. And you probably don’t want an organisms that just swims against a wall all the time.


It’s very important to me that the behaviour of your creatures emerges directly from the way you build them. I don’t want to make a game where the strongest creature is the one with the most upgrades. And there are a lot of other exciting things in this game like procedural music generation and an evolution mode. But I will talk about this in future blog posts.

You can also follow the development on my twitter!

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