Paper Review: “The Easy Chain” by Evan Dara

The real story is the one not being told

The Easy Chain. p.501

The Easy Chain white paper was released in 2008 by its pseudonymous creator Evan Dara. It’s called white paper because of its many blank pages and contains instructions on how to blow up the financial system.

But that’s not the only advice on display here. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “How do I become financial independent?” Then look no further than this book! For the low price of 18,30$ it will tell you how to make money without even working! Yes, you will be able to just eat Tacos all day. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is which of your mansions will be your main one. My favorite bit of advice is this simple weird trick on how to turn your 1000$ into 1000000$:

  1. Write a 1000$ check to Jeff Bezos
  2. Sell the receipt for 1000000$

What?! You object that this accounts to nothing more than giving all of your money to a rich dude?! You know what? You don’t want to get rich, just ignore my advice. Just keep trying to freeload at that little restaurant. Parasitic loser.

A tremendous book. 5/5

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