Pokemon Team Report SwSh Season 13

Season 13 was the first one since Season 1 that I got some laddering done. As I built a pretty fun team, here is a short team report.

The team was built around my favorite Pokemon: Entei!

I used these two teams as inspiration:

Unfortunately Entei is so heavily outclassed by other Pokemon, that it’s not even mentioned in the Smogon viability rankings. But I would argue that it has a unique niche with access to “Sacred Fire”. This move can not only be used to dish out good damage, but has a very nice burn rate of 50%. I liked to use it early game to get a chance to cripple opposing dynamax users and give my own sweepers an opening to set up. This was especially effective because I used a Choice Scarf, so I was able to get the burn before they could attack. Not many opponents were expecting the scarf and it was especially handy against opposing Nihilego.

I used Primarina as a focus sash lead/revenge killer. It’s mostly outclassed by Tapu Fini, but it still had some advantages:

  • Not having Misty Terrain as an ability allowed Entei to burn more opponents
  • It deals out more damage, especially when torrent boosted
  • It has a priority move which is good for revenge killing opposing sash mons

I used Icy Wind in my games, but I think Endure is better as it allows you to stall out dynamax turns and get into torrent range.

My other Pokemon were:

  • Mimikyu as late game cleaner
  • Porygon as physical wall (has nice type synergy with Mimikyu)
  • Rillaboom as a wallbreaker and Tapu Fini/Dracovish check
  • Special defensive Thundurus as an anti Zapdos measure

Here is the Team as I used it on cart:

After reaching what I assumed to be the 1700 elo point threshold I stopped playing and made an improved version of the Team on Showdown:


After the season ended and elo was revelead it turned out that I did not even reach 1700 points, it was just 1689 points at final rank 7676

Ranking when I stopped playing:

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