The 10 best IGF 2019 Trailers

New year, new Indie Games Festival and 460 new game trailers to watch. There were a little bit less submissions compared to last year, but I found the quality of the games were higher on average. Also some chinese games, which I never noticed before. Would love to see some good indie games coming from this country.  Here are 10 games that stood out to me, ranked in alphabetical order:

1.) 39 Days to Mars

Cute game with co-op and physics based puzzles.

2.) Anyball

I think the two secret ingredients for a good video game are:

1.) Everything has some kind of weird physics

2.) All the game play elements can be combined with each other

Anyball tries to be “All sports, all at once” and I’m sure it will be a good video game.

3.) Fidel Dungeon Rescue

I played it, it’s good.

4.) Hypnospace Outlaw

The Internet was better back in the days, right?

5.) Imposter Drawster

A game where you pretend that you know what you are doing.

6.) Noita

I  told you that weird physics make everything better!

7.) Pikuniku

See the description of the trailer above.

8.) What the Golf

Seems fun

9.) While true: learn()

Finally a game simulation of my job! Unfortunately you first have to buy a GPU cluster to play it.

10.) Worder

Don’t know if it’s any fun, but certainly a nice idea.

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