4 thoughts on “Funny Cell Tune Bugs

  1. Thanks for your blog post. What I would like to bring about is that computer system memory should be purchased when your computer cannot cope with that which you do with it. One can install two RAM memory boards with 1GB each, by way of example, but not one of 1GB and one of 2GB. One should always check the car maker’s documentation for one’s PC to be sure what type of memory is required.

    • You can purchase a memory board if you need to, but you should only buy RAM that can handle the most critical scenarios before buying it. I’m a long time customer of Intel which has memory boards for Windows, OSX and Linux. In 2008, these were all found at Computex ‒ Intel introduced a new 2.66 GHz socket, which can handle 2GB of RAM, but does not support 3 GB of memory. So, 2GB RAM is needed. Intel has changed their specifications by now. I’ve bought a memory board like this (this board came without it) and it has handled my laptop with amazing

    • †A little bit of backstory †

      Well-known Chinese news site Youku first posted stories about me online in 2014. I received a ton of positive comments from users who praised my cool design for a few main elements but also shared my own thoughts and observations based on the original post, which were published before I changed the style and content to a totally different aesthetic. It was widely used online. In 2016, I announced my first web series.

      I also have another video series available. It’s titled “It’s Not About Us‡” and features youku style content posted by different contributors. The first video was uploaded in November 2016, with 3 videos per month thereafter.

      The first three video series are very short. One is a short introduction video of me, which shows youku style stuff

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