The 10 best IGF 2020 Trailers

This year there were 512 different Trailers for the games that entered the Indie Games Festival Competition. As every year, I watched all of them to find my 10 favourites. I noticed a small uptick in detective and deck-building games. Maybe caused by the Indie hits ‘Return of the Obra Dinn’ and ‘Slay the Spire’?

A Short Hike

One of my favourite games in 2019. Should get the ‘most wholesome and charming adventure’ award.


Great trailer. Game is about outpartying satan?

Drink more Glurp

Seems like a lot of fun. I like how you can choose a sponsor to change up the gameplay in exciting ways.

Fulfilment – Exciting Adventure About the Joy of Working at an Amazin’ Fulfillment Center!

Do you have what it takes to increase Shareholder Value ?????


Forget Anti-Chamber. This game is the real deal if you are interested in non-euclidian geometry.

Legal Dungeon

What is justice? How can we quantify the effort of ‘doing one’s best to prevent wolves from entering’?

macdows 95

Hope this game won’t make my PC bluescreen.


Like Cell Tune in space but the organisms are spaceships?


Finally, someone who has the guts to make a game about projecting planes into higher dimensional spaces.

Teenage Blob

A split release between a punk rock band and an indie game studio? Yes, please!

Honourable Mentions


Not really a fan of the game, but props to the guy rapping over the trailer


Very Cute. Had to stop watching the trailer playlist and downloaded/played this little game instead. I’m glad to now have a happy couple living on my harddrive, who are writing poems/baking cake for each other.


Very impressive for a game jam game.

Paper Beast

Claims to have a fully simulated ecosystem. Creatures look very intriguing.

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