Ludum Dare 28

Ludum Dare is the worldwide biggest game jam. People from around the world develop games from scratch this weekend, this time based on the theme “You Only Get One”.

This jam takes place three times a year, but the current one is the first in which I participated. I took a very minimalist approach, used only one rectangle and three hours later I had a game that I called “One Square One”.


In computer games, the computer screen usually gives you a huge amount of information by displaying various objects. But you give them only very little information and just press some buttons from time to time. In One Square One, this relation is reverted. You can use your whole keyboard to input keys, but you only get one giant rectangle that tells you how you do.

I think this limitation is very interesting and could be the foundation of many interesting games. If you decide to make a game in this style or discover a game with this idea please send me a link!

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