Review: Starseed Pilgrim

I decided to write a short review about one of my favourite games. Enjoy!review3Starseed Pilgrim is an action puzzler. In the beginning you have to figure out the rules of a strange world. You have different seeds that grow different structures with different characteristics, but you have no clue what to do with them. Finding out your mission is part of the experience, but it can get quite tedious if you miss some important things. I think it makes for a better game if you know this:

-The game has a goal and an ending.

-If you dig through the pink heart blocks you get new seeds.

After discovering this I had a blast with the game. It’s all about learning and mastering an intriguing system and overcoming the obstacles is very rewarding. The game has a strong random element that makes it very replayable, but also quite frustrating because the difficulty alternates a lot between runs. Sometimes you will have the feeling that winning the game is completely impossible. But don’t give up! If you keep at it you will discover many new techniques and tricks that make the challenge just right.

The game is rewarding, smartly designed and has an interesting ending. And it’s also one of my biggest inspirations for Cell Tune. It ecouraged me to use a procedural music system (the dynamic sound-design in Starseed Pilgrim is superb). And even more important: I saw how you can make a game with only a few simple elements that unfold to a big, beautiful and deeply satisfying experience.


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