Wohnzimmer-Jam #1: Ippatsu

Instead of dressing up and going to some Halloween party, I used the weekend for typical nerd things: I met up with two fellow game developers (@oh_krapp @dfelber) and together we created the fastest multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Our initial gamejam topic was forest, but the game is probably more aptly described by the word “bloodbath”.

Some sketches by @dfelber

Some sketches by @dfelber

In Ippatsu (working title) you are a lumberjack with a big flamethrower and need to kill as many other players as fast as possible. The gameplay is quite frantic: Every hit is an instant kill and you respawn after only 0,5 seconds. It’s basically Super Hexagon + multiplayer action. We only spend 28 hours making it, but the game is already fun as hell. Have a look at this video:

I can’t wait to learn more about Unity (the game engine we used) and develop more arenas, characters and nasty traps.

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