Global Game Jam 2014

This Weekend tens of thousands of people met in the world’s biggest cities to make awesome games together. I had the opportunity to participate in munich and it was a great experience. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” and in the beginning everyone was able to pitch a game idea. My idea was to create a four player party game where every player has a different goal.


I was very lucky and found a great team with two very skilled programmers and two great artists. They were also very helpful and taught me a lot of things about the Unity game engine and version management with git. We worked quite fast and long into the night, but there were nevertheless some things we couldn’t finish: The game balance is a little bit off and there are only two different tasks instead of four. But I’m very proud of this little game and it is a ton of fun with other players. You can play it here:

And here are two other nice games that werde developed in munich this weekend:

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